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Mistaken Identity Movie
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The inner monologue of a homicidal maniac with a lackluster twist. Unfortunately these guys misinterpreted what a mistaken identity film is supposed to do, instead of the character having their identity mistaken and having to deal with that the film makers tried to trick us into mistaking the characters identity. Because of this we end up first of all thinking the guy is some sort or serial murderer and then later he's just an angry nerd, neither makes us root for him so when you throw in the bad audio, performances and editing there isn't much to like here.

VFS nailed the review

Lots of films in this competition have poor sound, acting, use of elememts or a mixture of all. This is part of the deal when you watch a heat, and many times a film can come back from it by being charming, funny or genuinely emotional. Not everyone has the best equipment, or some industry pros behind the camera. That's ok.

The one thing you absolutely need, though, is an understanding of the genre you have been given, as well as some basic screenwriting principles. Unfortunately, as fun as it may be to produce a movie with some villainius psychopath as the lead, this doesn't make a film the audience will want to see, which happened here.

Advice to the filmmakers: You don't need to subvert a genre or do it any differently than the 48Hour website suggests. Next year, give the description a really good read and just do that. Then take time to make your main character likeable and you'll have 10x the success of this year, tech issues aside.

I think VFS and DuncanPacey have said all that needs to be said: film didn't fit the genre, and was badly executed to boot.
The good news is that those are two things you can pretty easily fix on your next project.