Fender Bender

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Comedy of Errors Movie
Auckland > 13

He's a murderer! This entertaining day in the life of a hapless fool who thinks he has killed his girlfriend opens with a fun shot of a girl being pushed in front of a speeding vehicle and the effect was pretty convincing considering the inexperience of the team. The cartoonish nature of the story matched the hammyness of the acting to good effect.


A young man runs over a girl and tries to hide the body.
A decent effort - moments of gold mixed with moments not quite there.

Pretty funny film. great effort from a young team. Ballsy move going for a departed-style ending with lots of gun shots, but no blood. Script was clumsy at the end. I liked the start and when the murderer was dragging the body around. Ticks for that part

By professional standards this film has a lot of issues. But f**k professional standards. When I was their age I couldn't produce a film as charming as this. The acting was delightfully self aware and the story dumb enough (in a good way) to make it pretty entertaining. So it wasn't a masterpiece, oh well. I reckon if Traditionally Untraditional keep going we'll have some great 48 Hour films in the future. By professional standards.

The story was solidly thought out and funny (the idea of hiding a dead body on a kids playground is some good dark comedy), but the technical side let it down somewhat. But if you guys stick at it, keep improving the technical side of your craft, you could definitely be a team to watch in future.


Was okay. But your technical errors was really off putting and the story when haywire. Do better next time I guess


I commend the girl in this for letting you drag her through the mud. lol

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