Declan and Flowers

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Cat and Mouse Movie
Auckland > 13

At the start of this film my initial impression was that the sound quality was pretty low, then in a stroke of brilliance their editor decided to remove all the sound entirely*. This resulted in the audience being able to fully take in some hilarious visuals such as a random man eating dog biscuits and a cat and mouse themed bdsm party.

*may have not been an actual conscious decision.


A duo of private investigators are tasked with finding Pat - the missing Pussy Cat.
It was silly, it was great - and then the sound cut out for the majority of the film, and it became genius. Intentional or not, I enjoyed it and looking forward to more from The winners.

Funniest film of the night. Lots of good jokes. The sound failure was a real shame but it made the visual jokes at the end twice as funny. Looking forward to seeing more from The winners

Lots of highs and lows here, but then also lows that became so low, they shot out the other end and were high again. Every fibre of my review Being says I should ignore the great comedic acting and hilarious genre-appropriate visuals and slam this flick for the sound issues - but oh my goodness did those issues add a lot of laughs.

The sound muting for ages in this film was a blessing in disguise, and I hope The Winners weren't too stressed about it. The weird facial expressions, spontaneous bdsm and many other random moments became so much better when we the auduence had no f**king idea what was going on. Top laughs.

Apart from the assumed sound issue in the middle of the film, this was quite a laugh. It was a witty, fresh story that created tons of laughs. Keep it up guys.

The sound mix - even before it dropped out entirely - was bad, to the point of distraction.
But I think the reaction to the film, even when the sound was gone, shows that there is some great talent in this team. And if the technical aspect (sound, especially, but also edit timing to a degree) of the film can rise to meet the clever and funny visual style (shot choices, what to show/not show, framing), then you could be on to something pretty special with future films.