Suite 'VI'

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Bro or Bechdel Movie
Auckland > 13

Reasonably well shot but the story wasn't at all engaging probably because the first half of the film was just the guys mucking around in their flat and they weren't up to the task of captivating the audience. I would like to see you guys make a film in your own language with English subtitles, you might have been more comfortable on screen that way.


Was a bit hard to follow - and to be honest I didn't get it.

unfortunately for me this was the weakest film of the night. Sound was average and all of a sudden we were forced to be on side with Charlie after the actor turns serious. No idea about the ending either. I liked the second actor, good naturalism

The scene with the bell was funny, but I had no idea what was going on. I'm not even entirely sure what the story was meant to be. If it was about Flowers hating his weird sexy job, this didn't really come into play until the end. Unfortunately, this made it a fairly unengaging film.

Advice to the filmmakers: Definitely come and give it a go next year, but consider two things: Put a mic closer to the actors for clearer sound, and when you're writing dialogue, ask yourself "Does this line push the story forwards or is it just fluff?" If fluff, cut it.

I'm sure I've heard Ant say something along the lines of 'throw away your first idea'. This film feels very much like a first idea.

The bell ringing moment moment is great and if the film had really built itself around the dynamic there it would have been something worth watching. As it is, the film is confusing and pretty flat.

Also, maybe try and shoot all of your own stuff and not throw copyrighted material in there? You made Bruce sad.

Not really sure what happened in the film and the sound wasn't that great. Great effort though.

I think most of what could be said has been said already - the sound mix wasn't good, and the story was hard to follow.
I also agree with some of the sentiment about working in more of your unique cultural perspective in your future projects.