Charlie Loves Me Most

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One-Location Movie
Auckland > 08

Some great acting and really cool cinematography here. The characters are a joy to watch, but some of the moments in the film didn't necessarily work for me.

The ending, while fun, was predictable. Still, it's always great to see a dark comedic resolution in a 48hours film.

I'm a grinch when it comes to spontaneous dance numbers. That's all I'll say on that matter.

This has me tickled. The two leads were great, some of their lines were golden, and the finalè was horrifically hilarious.

There wasn't much more to it. Works very well as a skit or a webisode.

Some well acted dialogue and funny moments. Looked really nice, especially seeing as it was just in one dingy flat. A great ending too.

Awesome on all fronts, a very polished film. I didn't really understand the story, and it went to some pretty strange and random places, but that's kind of what I liked about it the most.


Honestly, this is my favourite film from the finals, I can see why it didn't win but it was so damn funny. The editing and sound design was tight as f and the performances were spot on. It might have helped that I had watched all of PSUSY earlier in the day, this was like a different take on that.

I liked that the genre was one location and that the plot involved one person having to leave the location but really fighting to stay.

Definitely one of my favourites from the Auckland final. The ideas were really creative and the performances from the two leads were fantastic. There was something about it though that just didn't quite sit right for me. Like it was missing a beat or something, which was a damn shame as it was otherwise great. I loved the way you ended it, both with the twist and then the twist on the twist. The abruptness worked really, really well. Really looking forward to what this teams puts out next time!