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Puppet Movie
Auckland > 06

A penis puppet is out of control and ruining the owners life. The payoff was nice at the end.

It wouldn't be a 48 hour heat with out some penis jokes in it and this team grabbed the subject by the balls and rang it for all it was worth.

The shoddy editing, camera work and sound really held this film back from being one of the better entries I've seen this year in the comp.

I loved the concept of PEENOCCHIO, and I can totally imagine you guys coming up with the idea in the wee small hours of the morning after being blasted with the puppet genre.

However, I do feel this was a wasted opportunity, with the aforementioned technical side of things kind of falling apart. I also think you should have gone with a more simpler approach, and told the story of the two lovers getting ready to have sex, with the protagonist continually skipping off to the bathroom to plead with Peenocchio to behave himself.

If you guys step up your game in the technical department, an idea like that can carry you far in the competition. Good luck for next year!