Punk Enough?

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Punk Movie
Auckland > 06

A girl is interviewed to be "Punk of the year" (I think that was it, sorry if I got it wrong) and the dialogue is between her and the interviewer.

This was the team that had their car broken into on the Saturday and lost everything, so first up huge props to this team for not only sticking to it and handing in a film but I actually liked it. They twisted the genre up and pushed at the stereotype of what it means to be punk and I think the lead actress did a good job in showing it's about attitude, not the look.

First of all, I'm very sorry to hear about your bad luck on the competition! I guess it makes for a good story! Though I was a little confused why the following film didn't even take place on One Tree Hill?

The film itself, I found a little confusing. Were you trying to make an important statement on what a punk looks like? Is punk important enough of a subject to highlight the victims of mislabeling within it? Or were you parodying the more serious and similar social justice statements about how we judge people by their outward appearance?

As it stands, I felt a little like I was being yelled at about a fallacy I'm not completely sure actually exists.

On the flip, your lead actress was great, and I hope to see you guys move onwards and upwards in the next year!

Scott Doar

I loved this film. It was hands down the most punk thing I've seen for a while. It was a pretty brave film to make but you did it anyway because punk! Well done and sorry to hear about your stuff.


I bloody loved this film. I thought it was a really smart, bold film that took the punk genre in a direction I was hoping to see from some teams that were given Punk Movie. It definitely had the punk attitude and the lead actress nailed the performance. Very subtle, yet kick-ass at the same time.
They made something that was very under-produced and static (as it was only the one shot if I'm not mistaken) feel really... real. Whatever the reasons behind the not-so-hot technical look, whether by design or not, actually worked in their favour I think, as it added to the overall vibe of the film.

Great job guys. Fantastic effort. One of my favourites of the heat.