An Error of Era

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Comedy of Errors Movie
Auckland > 06

The movie starts at the handing our of genres at the 48 hours and they roll through the puns related to era's. The payoff was good and the scenes were funny. I really enjoyed this film and thought it was well done.

Definitely the best meta 48 hours film I think I've seen.

I always cringe a little when a film opens and appears to take place in the competition itself, but the set-up and punchline of this particular piece was very appreciated by myself and the audience, albeit a little on the brief side.

I'd love to see it go further in the competition, but alas, the sound quality let the film down somewhat. I hope to see the same effort and loved + better sound poured into your next film!


Some well deserved laughs here. They took the idea of making their film about making their film, which has been done, only it wasn't lame or cheesy.
A clever little play on words - error/era, which is always a tasty treat for me and the nature of the film meant it was visually interesting throughout, with different sets, lighting and costumes etc.
To me however, it didn't quite feel like a comedy of errors, so much as it was one error which was the premise for a comedy. But more likely that's my misunderstanding of the genre and they probably nailed it.

Still awesome though. I had a good laugh with this film and so did the rest of the audience. Thumbs up.