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Lovers on the Run Movie
Auckland > 05

The title of the film made me laugh out loud, and the acting of the two leads was incredible stuff. How did you guys manage to cast Maisie Williams?! :P

I'd love to see all the effort that was poured into this film used on a more exciting story than just searching for a house (though I fully relate to that situation). The story was very sullen and still, and I would love to see you guys be a bit more bold in the future!


This was a kinda cool little movie. I liked the take on run away love, and liked the play on house prices you had going on. Had some good giggles.

I commend your team for tackling a serious topic such as the Auckland housing crisis, and even more so for doing it in only 48 hours! The film starts off great, but it felt like it didn't really have much of a conclusion. The difficulty here is taking this subject matter and criticising the root of the problem: that is, rampant financial speculation by housing investors. Recently a house was sold 3 times within 24 hours increasing the value by $80,000... having this happen in front of our hapless heroines could have been both heart breaking and hilarious with the right comic timing. Perhaps also showing more of the effects of this stress on their relationship might have made a more hard-hitting conclusion... I imagine the housing crisis is breaking up a lot of families. And I couldn't help but wonder: where are they currently living? Are they living in a car like so many Auckland families are forced to at the moment?

Anyway... it was a very good effort, and you're obviously a talented bunch. It's all shot and edited beautifully, and the performances were also great. I would love to see the same team pick up the topic with a bit more time later on and make a more refined story about it.


The idea of mocking the auckland house market is topical and fun to poke at but I felt this hinged too heavily on the film. It felt more like an advert for living outside of Auckland than a story as the jokes had more priority over the characters.