Behavioural Sink

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Behavioural Sink was obviously a high school student team, and while I feel my star rating is a little generous given the usual growth such a team has to do in terms of scripting, acting, sound recording etc they are getting a big bump for an awesome visual use of the wool prop - Perhaps a future pro art director on that team! The plot is about some sort of experiment where the subjects each take pills and go to sleep, and the next morning one of them has been murdered. There isn't a lot in terms of story or performance that elevates this above most other high school efforts - but seriously the audience was enthralled with the clever use of prop and the impact it had on screen as a visual motif is stuck in my brain.


Shot in what looked like a black box theatre, a group of imprisoned young people have their arm bar codes scanned before going to bed in a synchronised militaristic fashion.
On waking they discover that one of their number has been killed! And this plays out night after night until only one is left standing. I like that there's no explanation as to who these people are and why they are locked in this black dormitory/laboratory but the narrative itself is hard to follow. The audio problems didn't help with conveying the story so we never really relate/empathise with any of the characters.
The actors really go for it in places which is cool to see. And the use of wool for stylized blood-splatter from the victims necks up the walls was the BEST use of prop I've ever seen. Very VERY well done.