'Ventriloquist' by Pure Pixel Productions

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Shock Ending
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A young group of film-makers hit some good parody notes of videogames but fall flat towards the end thanks to poor lighting and cliche plot-twist. Good attempt at trying something different, and having the hud was a nice touch.


PC master race film that ironically was technically pretty rough. Basically a virtual reality short film game that looked to blur the line between the game and reality, carrying itself on traditional WASD/Mouse movement and character command jokes. Not getting into PC vs console wars on here, I hope you enjoyed making the film as the story was lacking.


For all the gamers out there learning new controls, this struck a cord. Loved the gameplay-come-reality plot too. The use of the health bar with the bread for replenishment was a crack-up. Nice work.


I'm a sucker for these types of films, so even if the technical was lacking and the concept a bit stale, I still enjoyed it. The elements were used well (the use of the bread and the match cut) but there could have been a bit more story, so something to remember for next year.


I like the use of bread and the pov, but I wish there were more to the story.
Good effort from the team :)