'Beyond the Fridge' by PuppyGuts

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Beyond the Fridge
Other Dimension Movie
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Had me worried for a second when I realised the film was set in the deathknell of most 48Hours films, an apartment...but my worries were completely unfounded as a fridge to another dimension offered perhaps the best special fx shots I've ever seen in this competition, yes right up there with Sinistral's Auckland-winning effort from a few years ago.
Not only that, but all the required technical elements were used well and what I particularly liked about this effort from the previous competition winners is that they let the film breathe with a beautifully developed story arc. Built a little slowly with inside fridge shots but the payoff was more than worth it as the 'other dimension' came to effect in a blaze of eye popping baseball-bat swinging glory. Central characters were kept to a minimal but memorable 3; the gross out flatmate, annoying nitpicker who doesn't want her food stolen, and everyman willing to battle alien fiends from a parallel universe with whatever utensils are available.
Not only were the fx shots jaw dropping (I literally let out a non-deliberate 'holy shit!' at the money shot and hope to experience this again at the Embassy) but the film was technically sound generally with a solid colour grade although a handful of shots seemed ever so slightly compressed.
Just overall a great short and genuine contender.


I enjoyed the interplay between characters, reminiscent of blame tossed around in a flat over food. Applauses for special effects are in order! Great film.


I feel as though many viewers have been taken by the special effects in this one -- and indeed they are incredible, simply mind-blowing for 48 hours -- without much consideration for the other elements involved in a film. The framing and colour grading were indeed nice, and few technical problems with sound, which is why I gave this an above-average score. However, it was lacking in the writing department. Little could be felt for characters which seemed to only perform scatological humour (hey look, this chicken is old, it'll be hilarious if I eat it *green sludge comes out* oh hey look audience, wasn't that disgusting? *wink wink*), or... well, that's it really. What was the woman's role in this film? She existed onscreen for little time, gave virtually nothing to the plot, and it's no wonder the audience couldn't connect, if even her flatmates could greet her death cheerily with nothing but a misogynistic joke. The effects and technical proficiency certainly earn this one brownie points, but there was much left to be desired in narrative and general writing.

I remain haunted by the sincerely-delivered line "getting my dick wet tonight!", whether that's good or bad is left to your imagination


As this film opened I thought it may be shot entirely from within the fridge. This thought was surprisingly positive, such was the engagement created with a fridge shot. Perhaps this could be considered for the Technical Element next year.
Some fantastic dialogue added humour and the film moved along well.
I really enjoy it when a film makes you go 'How the f*ck did they do that?' This team did that with the spinning hand back in 2007, and again here. They have some seriously talented folks in their backroom and just let them play.
For me the weakest point was the ending, which seemed a touch of a cop out.
I both love and hate being in Puppyguts heats. Love it because you know they push the envelope with what is possible. Hate it because they usually make better films than I do.