'Frozen in Time: The Story of Polar Monday' by Partial Recall

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Frozen in Time: The Story of Polar Monday
Musical/Dance/Beach Party or Rockumentary
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Yes, the song "Saint Kerosene" is a completely original, painfully bogan track about a guy, his girl who left him at the altar, and burning things. It was written/performed on the Sunday by two team members, one singing, one doing every other instrument (yeah yeah, I can't play the drums, I know). Funnily enough, to answer Rowox, the main writer and editor are the same person -- in fact I did camera work, lighting and sound too. It's the result of having a small team (only three).

An amusing Rockumentary about the height of Newtown's 3rd most famous band (from a couple of decades ago). Instead of focusing on getting the band back together for one last gig, they instead focused on trying to push the love of music onto the reluctant kids of the original band members. Some good one-liners and decent acting gave a good natural feel consistent with the genre and had my interest from start to end. Was that an original song from 2016's 2nd most famous band during the credits? If so, great job. Good film all around.


Ok so I give in, this year they finally officially have let teams make mockumentaries through the 'rockumentary' option. However I STILL have a massive issue with an over-reliance on talking heads that do nothing to develop a story arc, and the film makers felt like they took the safest route possible on this one about the third most popular band in Newtown in the 80s(?) looking to recreate a new generation version band through their kids.
Some nice comedic touches through the use of the old mulleted and moustached photographs, but did nothing to stand out from the crowd.


I enjoyed this one. The story was easy to follow and I loved the parents' pursuit to relive their youth through the hopeful enthusiasm of their children and music. I thought Harper's reclusive character was hilarious. Well done guys.


Shot well, good actors, nicely scripted but it lacked clarity, almost like the writer and the editor had different ideas of what the story was. It just needed a killer ending, more music and maybe some actors who could also play their assigned instruments, then it would have been one of the best films of the heat.