'Evacuation' by Octopussy

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Last Person on Earth
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A Last Person on Earth film where a girl finds a camera documenting her neighbours' last moments before being evacuated from Earth. Before the reveal of the evacuation the girl finds a dead body and starts to piece things together. She watches the rest of the film and it ends with her watching the moment the camera drops.

Interesting plot idea and implementation of the "thoughtless" character. Some dubious leaps of logic push the story along, and there seemed to be a scene that seemed to have been created purely for the placement of the "bread prop".

These young film-makers show promise.


A student very suddenly is apparently presented as the last person on earth, with the main link to this discovery other than a body in a shopping trolley being found footage on a camera that she watches in her uni dorm. I perhaps missed jotting down exactly what the broadcast at the start of the film was saying, as I believe the population was being culled.
I felt that the film really had the opportunity for redemption through our sole survivor, rather than the other girls simply getting their comeuppance by not being the last person left alive...

Unfortunately I've got to say that this is a genre that doesn't need a great deal of work to be believable given we have massively isolated areas within minutes of the city, so to use fully powered university dorms and have shots of the 'abandoned' city showing plenty of lights did make me cringe. I liked the found footage element to be honest, I just thought that there could have been a sense of resolution for our lead, and more of a sense of desolation to showcase her scenario when everyone else was gone. It just had no real dramatic punch.


Really fun use of "found footage" to piece together the story. From the point of the discovery of the body in the shopping trolley onward, I didn't follow the story so easily- surprised by lead character's reaction to the situations unfolding.


Some pretty nice post production and thoughtful camera use from (I think) a young team. I found the last person alive a bit of a non-character strangely (too many wide shots instead of close ups?), the other girls in the found footage had more personality. Unfortunately the other girls were quite annoying, and the Harper Harrison character just came and went too fast, not really integrated into the story. All in all a good (first?) attempt, I'll be interested to see what Octopussy does next year.