'Flowers and Everything' by Noise and Pictures

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Flowers and Everything
Cat and Mouse
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Don't expect anything less than a beautifully shot and well crafted short when it comes to Noise and Pictures, and they delivered that once again with Flowers and Everything. A fun, humourous film that relies a little heavily on cliches, especially at the end, that managed to make us smile from opening to credits (which were pretty bloody impressive).


A bit torn on this one as it was actually a genre I personally suggested a few weeks ago so was absolutely thrilled when it got announced at launch. Some really energetic camerawork abounded as our lead obsessed over a pretty girl bumped into when getting a coffee to go, only a girlfriend to go doesn't come about quite so easily.

I guess my main concern with the film is that it made an excellent chase film, an excellent slapstick film and a decent romcom, but this high concept genre is one that is seeming to be quite difficult to subvert or even nail in a standard manner given the time constraints of the competition. I hate to single teams out but I personally thought that the unintentionally outwitting of our chaser was borderline note really meeting the genre requirements. I wouldn't mind a second watch but whilst solid film making and entertaining I was scratching my head a little bit. Your lead actor had great physical screen presence it must be said.


Loved this film. Easy to follow. Cute storyline. Lots of laughs. I'd easily watch it again and again.


An almost flawless short from N&P again. The cast was great (Mssr. Ransom underused though!), it had some nice visual gags and it was shot well and edited nicely, but it was lacking that usual N&P oomph (and not quite the Cat & Mouse genre). I also really liked the end credits and gutted for you guys that they didn't play back smoothly.


Technically a good film with a lot of energy and life in its production. I thought the way the events flowed into one another was charming. The basic premise, however, was sad and annoying - why was there this crazy silent quest for company? I felt it was too predictable after a certain point, then when the events began to repeat I really wanted a surprise but the film lacked resolve. Some dialogue would have been good to give depth to the characters, who mainly had great presence, instead everyone just seemed fixed like scenery.


Love this film and it made me go "aaaw" and laugh in a lot of places during the screening. The film was beautifully shot and put together. Very cute too. Really wished the end credits played back smoothly, because it looked impressive!


Maybe this wasn't a film aimed at me, or maybe I didn't "get" it. Either way, I would feel disingenuous agreeing with most of the other people here, since the good reviews took me by surprise when I looked. Anyway:

There seemed to be few justified character motivations for anyone and everyone involved. Granted, this was obviously meant to be a subjective narrative from the perspective of Mr. Love-At-First-Sight (alternatively, Stalk-At-First-Sight). Though even in his case, where we have the most potential to develop character depth since virtually the entire film is from his perspective, all we got was a cutesy cutaway to cliched love swinging-around. I assume that was meant to be a piss-take of such a classic Hollywood romance trope, but then the rest of the film seemed to play everything straight, and then some. Maybe that's why I didn't "get" it -- because the entire time I was searching for that little tell-tale frayed thread in the corner of the tapestry, the magician's trapdoor, that final reveal which says "Aha! We've been doing clever satire all along!". And it never seemed to materialise. Slapstick gags feel out of place unless they're done really right, and although this took a good shot, it isn't a smart move in anything outside of pre-1960s American cinema/television, to be honest. At the heat, there were certainly laughs elicited, and it's not all bad (don't think I'm being an unreasonable hater, Noise and Pictures, you did good in entertainment value), but slapstick and done-to-death romance tropes, even used snidely, don't make up for a lack of plot.