'Sub 7' by No Sleep Zone

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Sub 7
Science Gone Mad
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Pretty solid effort by what looks like a first-time team. For a dialogue heavy film, the main actor managed to be convincing and fun to watch. The intensity of the end somewhat ruined by the hilarious reaction of the older actor as he was attacked. Strong start, but energy seemed to have died by the end. Clearly had fun with this film and can't wait to see more from you guys.

Just want to add that I agree with steelpotato about the attitude of your team. I congratulated your team on a job well done as I left, but if you want to be taken seriously you need to afford other creators that same respect. Watch your competition, enjoy the creativity of others, thank them and congratulate them on jobs well done. It's a small community that you don't want to alienate yourself from.


Ok guys, so we get it, you were pretty excited to see yourselves on the big screen and I appreciate you actually have some skill with a camera and your general comedic timing....but boy oh boy were you incredibly rude and obnoxious cunts to have three quarters of the team disappear after your short, talk to yourselves (yes, I could hear you - being in the front row didn't mean you were not viewable or audible) whilst other films were still screening or flash your cellphones around as though you were having a pyjama party in your own fucking living room.

In terms of your film I genuinely liked your subversion of the Science Gone Mad genre. It made me appreciate why Ant Timpson had selected this carefully worded phrasing as opposed to "Mad Scientist" that got used back in 2004 [it would probably pay to do some research on this competition and realise you have severely broken the number one rule that is all we really care about at the end of the day - DON'T BE A DICKHEAD].

The short was a nicely framed video diary descent into madness set in a mental institution with some dynamite comedic performances and gonzo camera work, which was necessary given the set design was relatively bland. Your lead actor was fantastic and with some better audio you could really have made a film I really enjoyed. As it stands you can either ship up next year or ship the fuck out.


Really good leading man, a for-the-most-part coherently told story (if a little bit predictable) and the fun you obviously had making it shone through. Next year perhaps concentrate on tighter scripting and editing.

NB: You may think steelpotato's comments are harsh but he is a highly respected reviewer, so take on board what he said and be more respectful to other teams next year.


Good use of soundtrack!


Started off very strong and ended very strong - however I feel as though the middle lacked the oompf to keep the audience satisfied. There were some really funny parts and the main actor was pretty spot on. Maybe a little too drawn out at places however there was some great character development and overall I enjoyed it quite a lot!


Great performances all round, had a really fun group vibe. The candid journal entries were nicely over-acted which added a lot of humour to the otherwise dark and disturbing story. Most of the shots were fantastic - I especially liked seeing the scientists through the one way mirror. At first I was worried about the plain white setting, but it gave a institutional feel so the twist felt very natural. It definitely escalated quickly and was a lot of fun by the end. I think everything was pretty spot on except a few technical aspects of your production like keeping your background sound levels constant as well as spending a bit more time storyboarding so the story is held together better when it comes to editing.


Great film. I enjoyed the lead's strong performance, and also enjoyed the format of this film (video diary), however, to me it felt a bit flat somewhere in the middle. I really appreciate the camera work as the set was quite plain. A couple of the things that bugged me in the film were the part where the main character spelled out that Harper was thoughtless, and the injection sequence (the first thing I noticed was the fact that there was air in the syringe - the character would be dead if that really got injected into him). Love the revelation and the ending though. Overall, it was a good and fun film to watch :)


Funny stuff, some jokes well told by the actors and images (like the bear shown post-attack). You made good use of whatever that space was you had to film in. I liked it! Not an amazing story, but the telling of it was good.