'Flat Bread' by Lamb Productions

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Flat Bread
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Thanks for the laughs everyone! Super awesome heat. A special shout-out to Tony Ridler, the Harper Harrison in our hearts, who wasn't able to make it to the screening. We can't wait till you see you.

Best actor nominee? Whoever he was, he was terrific! And your use of the line was also fantastic. Pretty low budget and gonzo and I'm really not a fan of films set in apartments...but you pulled this off. A bread pun spectacular as a mother sent her son to infiltrate a flat on a secret mission to uncover a mystery. His weirdness provided a spectacle where my eyes were glued to the screen - txting mummy versus down to earth herbal ciggies anyone?


Damn good. Great acting. Great puns. Consistently engaging and it looked super good A+


7/7 Windit? so it was a perfect film? I sense a bit of dodgy team affiliations here...

I found the lead character very engaging, really pulled off the creepy vibe. Nice little twist at the end. Let down by lighting and disorientating camera angles


That lead actor was unstoppable! His character had such a Norman Bates vibe. The mystery and plot twist elements were very effective and with all those puns, it was definitely a crowd-pleaser! One of the strongest in a tough heat