'burdens' by heads I win, tails you lose

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Buddy Movie
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More awkward acquaintances than buddies, this also seemed to be more of a revenge film than anything as a couple of hockey players eyed up an opportunity to get someone back whilst grabbing a sandwich on the way. Quite mean spirited and reasonably short without much depth, let down by awful sound. I would have highly encouraged trying to make a more positive film given your genre and wiped any sound that had wind on the take.


Ignore Steel Potato on this one. Filmmakers were pretty brave in that they tried a more serious and intriguing story rather than relying on comedy. Focused on a different type of friendship which was a cool take on the buddy genre. Keep it up ~*


I feel for you in your sound struggles, don't let them get you down!! I loved the dark tone you created and the simplicity of the plot. Overall very effective