'Matinee' by Gurgler Productions

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Shock Ending
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We have entered several times in the past, and given that 'shock ending' isn't really a genre but a film trope/device we set out to make our film develop towards its shock ending based on several acts of thoughtlessness by Harper. Understandably he may have come across as a bit obnoxious instead but we hope you enjoyed the film. This was also our first time doing animation and it ended up being a bit too ambitious hence the DQ and late hand in so that we actually had sound :)

Brilliant comic timing and some hilariously crude animation, it's a real shame that you were disqualified. You have our laughs and attention.


I was legitimately upset to learn that you were disqualified. This was my favourite of the heat. I think I died in my chair. Very surrealist humour. The changing voice-over artists, faces and all the inconsistencies were so perfect. I'm almost certain you would've been best-worst. You've made something truly spectacular and I eagerly anticipate your future work! (Please get it in on time!!)