'The Snatcher of the Rye' by FlimClub

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The Snatcher of the Rye
Musical/Dance/Beach Party or Rockumentary
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Pretty sure even the team intros need to not infringe copyrighted material (the team used the 'Friends' "I'll Be There For You" jingle just with different lyrics)...Onto the film this was clearly a team that probably dreaded getting musical but kudos for giving it your all and actually singing when alternate options were provided this year. Played it a little safe being an inquisition into which flatmate stole a sandwich, and the songs were quite pitchy but the sunglass wearing jacketed flatmate was comedy gold.


A commendable effort at songwriting and singing, especially with the easier alternative genre options this year. Let down by location. I know it's always logistically tempting to shoot in the one location, but if that location is a drab student flat with poor lighting then it's always hard to get good looking shots. That said, great shot of the sandwich at the start. Story seemed a bit simplistic, but I guess you were focusing your energy on writing the songs.


Crack up lyrics, loved it heaps! Did really well with the conditions you had and the lack of professional equipment :)