'H2O' by Confusers

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Science Gone Mad
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Cool idea, and parts were well executed for a 'best worst film' type feel. The gas burner and the zero gravity were gold. Pacing and narrative let it down overall.


Sci Fi has always been hard to do on a budget, what with its complex sets and props.
Especially in 48 hours.

And hard Sci Fi - even more difficult.

Well, you pulled it off amazingly well.

A little gem, warts and all.


Cool ideas. Really creative set and props but the story could have probably used a bit of a self-aware sense of humour to forgive the shoestring budget cardboard feel.

The story is okay, clearly borrowing from a few modern sci-fi films like Interstellar, but the visual look is far more the winner of the day as opposed to any sort of clever plot. I can tell you guys had a lot of fun making this film, and with such a small crew, all power to Ya.

As I said, my only note would to be to incorporate a bit of comedy should you attempt something as ambitious as this in the future. Well done!