'Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I.' by Cinema In Decline

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Snoopy Rupert, Aro P.I.
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As classy as always. One of the problems of being in this heat is coming up against Cinema in Decline each year. This year's film was the complete package for a 48Film - writing, acting, cinematography, sound, editing. Bravo, looking forward to seeing this one again.


One of my favourites of the heat. This had a great lead and some fun gags. It was an enjoyable film to watch but I did feel that while it had a PI it didn't really have a mystery at the heart of it. Just a series of great jokes around a fun and well realised character. Also the freeze frame finish was brilliant. Just would have been nice to see Snoopy Rupert dealing with a real mystery for the main part of the film rather than a set up for the punchline at the end.


Saw this at the finals and really enjoyed it.
I loved the humour and style of this team.
Well scripted and acted, with cinematography to go with it.
Quality film.