'The Morrisons' by Bent Cornea Productions

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The Morrisons
Black Comedy
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Really really strong opening that felt like a grindhouse version of PARENTS via THE FUCCON FAMILY as a reporter stumbled across a strange suburban couple but this veered slightly too much towards the horror genre to really nail black comedy completely. Having said that I was left feeling uneasy throughout the entire film much like the first time you watch John Waters, and the jokes were cruel/sinister and would definitely fit under the definition of black comedy. The performances solid, technically sound in particular the grading....it just personally didn't generate any real laughs through comedic timing.


Felt like more of a suspense than black comedy. The canned laughter was a bit awkward, and unfortunately the comedic content didn't really translate to the audience. I must admit that the bathroom scene had me tensing up with that knocking sound