'Reversed' by Be Prepared to go Ballistic

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Mistaken Identity
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Hi SP - thanks for the review. We did not intend to offend anyone with the "poofta" comment - the kids came up with the dialogue and were using their own teen/speak which can involve copious use of "loser" "whatever" gansta" "you are fat",etc. They have no idea that poofter had a homophobic origin - and in fact when I asked them what they would they say if wanted to be homophobic, the answer, with a blank stare, was "why would we want to do that. Like "gay" the meaning has changed.

Nice comic timing and quality simplistic special effects kept this topical comedy entertaining and got some good laughs from the crowd as a teenage boy unwittingly gets granted superpowers and uses them for mischief. Puke, pony tails...and poofter jokes. Yes you absolutely lost me with a single word. I've made a stand against homophobic jokes in this competition for years and will continue to do so as long as I'm part of it. Good script, performances and editing from a technical point of view, though.


A bit predictable, but fun nonetheless. The ponytail pulling reference was well executed and got a good laugh out of the audience. Would have been nice to have seen a bit more character development with the two leads, given the amount of screen-time they had.