'Interrogation 7' by 2bit

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Interrogation 7
Cat and Mouse
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A talky interrogation piece that seemed like the team was more keen on Cyber Thriller or Science Gone Mad than the genre they got. In my book you were way off the mark with Cat & Mouse given the whole concept of the genre is staying one step ahead of the chase; something you can't really have if the chaser is sitting down. The sound was no all clear and some shots were out of focus which also detracted however the film gradually built steam and there was no denying the blinking eyes/sexual revelations got a huge rise from the audience. Just not a Cat and Mouse film.


The script had potential, however unfortunately the execution let this film down. The same shots in the same location for the majority of the film made it difficult for the viewer to stay engaged. The twist at the end was definitely the strongest part of this film, albeit a bit cliche