'Bloody Breadsticks' by Rambling Scot Productions

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Bloody Breadsticks
Shock Ending
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A bloody shame you guys had rendering problems and were DQ'd; this was my favourite film of this heat. Joe Mika-Hunt at his best and some superior ninja work. Pleased with myself in picking most of your locations too. :)


Great fun film. Positively reveled in the low-budget tack, and was all the better for it. Thoroughly enojyed it.


Epic effort with soOoooo much action ! Clearly needed to simplify in order to get this extraordinary movie up to scratch with final production quality ...but full marks for ambitious combination of ninjas, romance, chase scenes, multiple locations and sfx. Definitely a surprising ending.


I thought this was a really entertaining film and was disappointed not to be able to vote for you! It was completely ridiculous (in a good way) all the way through to the shock ending which completely came as a surprise! Really funny and a great way to kick off the night for us! Especially loved that trolley chase and the ending, of course :)