'More Or Less' by Touching Cloth Productions

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More Or Less
Rom Com
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Yet again team Touching Cloth produce a film in which the storyline holds your attention, draws you in to the lives of the very believeable characters and leaves you with a sense of wanting to know what happened next? It for me wasn't quite a true RomCom in that there was no happy ending for a couple, but there was a happy, upbeat ending, and so who cares right? I think the both the two leads were wonderful, and the mirrored activities were very clever. It was my favourite film of the night. Well done yet again TCP!


Another of my favourites of the evening - well produced and well acted, good pacing. The yea na ending was a little flat for me compared to the strong build up - but still a great film.


Well doe - definitely in my top 3 of the films! Well acted and well filmed with a strong story.


My pick of the evening. It ticked all the boxes for me. None of required items seemed forced and it wasn't all about bread like some of the films. I loved the match shots, a clever way of using the 'match cut/dissolve'. Snappy and well paced and the editing and cinematography were awesome. I felt the opening dialogue was a bit long winded but the ending and credit roll were very funny. A complete story and a different take on RomCom.


Liked the gross eating hamburger scene. Was pretty funny and good tech.


This was a very polished production. I liked the way it followed the main characters in parallel. I was expecting the female character to have a more dramatic change.