'Yeast Infection' by Team Skeletor

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Yeast Infection
Science Gone Mad
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One of the most memorable shorts of the night. Still laughing - the use of the bread slices was so bad it was great - and totally worked and was keeping with the film. Loved the end.


This film was so over the top cheesy bad with it's use of the prop that I actually really loved it. I laughed so much at the end with the face and arms! I think the acting, camera work and editing were decent too. And there was a storyline in there in amoungst the silliness.
I hope this team enter again next year, as this quirky sense of humour is a gift.


If you are going to over do it with the required prop, this is the way to do. I was laughing so hard at this simple, stupid film. And please take that as a compliment, K.I.S.S. I loved every moment of it.


Thought the bread and the concept was funny.