'Flight of Passage' by Elysium Exit

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Flight of Passage
Science Gone Mad
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Absolutely Amazing!! Had a very good story, with amazing visuals and soundtrack. Also, one of the best monologues I have ever encountered!! Had to make an account purely to give praise. Looking forward to see the next years film, if this team decides to do another! Keep up the good work Elysium Exit!


This team always have such strong, beautiful visuals with an earthy feel to them in tone and texture, and some great, if somewhat surreal performances. This one wasn't as strong as past years but still pretty damn close - the balance between beautiful imagery and contextual dialogue felt heavy towards the end, but over all it was still a very strong piece from this team.


Thought this film looked brilliant, really liked the the shots of the black liquid in the water rotating. Thought the performances were well done too. Didn't fully understand the story though, but overall a great looking film with some nice music.