'Stiff' by Danger Zone Films

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Buddy Movie
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Some of you picked up the similarities between this and a certain "Weekend at Bernies", we made the rookie mistake of not researching similar concepts, and so we emulated a film that none of us had seen before. We are a group who pride ourselves on our original content and we hope that disappointed viewers can look past our shortcomings here and appreciate the sensual tale of "Dangerzone Presents: Stiff" for what it is. We live, and we learn. Stay dangerous xox

The first of what I suspect will be a few Weekend at Bernie-esque dark comedies this year - this one mashed with Dude, Where's My Car. It nailed the Buddy Movie feel with a decent chemistry between the two leads, it was well acted and usually well paced. It loses me though with gratuitious sponsor product shots that weren't needed, but over all a pretty solid effort.


a sweary Weekend at Bernie's here. great performances from the 3 leads with lots of comedy. at points it did feel a bit too-montagey, but enjoyable nonetheless.