'Stale Mate' by Tyrannical Productions

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Stale Mate
Buddy Movie
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Way to run with the bread element! Very sweet story and great puns. Not sure about the ending as I was invested in the bread dudes by then . Well done!


Fuuny! Love the bread puns. Hahaha. Very entertaining. FANTASTIC JOB :P


Very very very funny. Great scripting, and some fine, if not bready performances, from this young and capable team.
The use of the prop (bread) was more than obvious, it was central to the function of this fine film.
Some of the scripted gags were the best of the Heat and the audience loved it! A charming, very likeable film, odd, and very very cool.
The reveal of the conceit at the end 'wait...what the hell am I doing?' was brilliant and inspired self-aware film-making at its very best.
I should hope that this team gets a nomination for something. Best Performance by a Yeast Based Actor? Great work all round.