'Pure Freedom' by Handcranked Productions

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Pure Freedom
Shock Ending
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With Handcranked, all bets are off. This talented bunch of Waitatians can deliver the goodies.
Its either going to be a showstopping OMG with these guys, or its going to be..something else. 'Trapdoor' a few years back was a marvellous film, while on the otherside of the coin there was an acidtrip down the back of a couch a bit later on.

Somehow, they restrained themselves and delivered a fine, functional, likeable film with a nicely delivered (if not slightly laboured) twist at the end.

Two freedom campers in the wrong place doing the most awful, stupid things turn out to be serial holiday killers. Nice.
Some very fine cinematography indeed. In the darkness I have scribbled a note that says 'shot of the day', and I shall refrain from mentioning the yards of man-penis on screen. I shall say nothing on that.

A damn fine effort, amongst the best of the evening.