'The Floating Island' by vault

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The Floating Island
Mistaken Identity
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It looks like you guys had fun, but... um... what?


GOLD! A fun and entertaining mind melter from start to finish.


This hurt my brain but it was hilarious.


I would nominate this one for best bad film. It has all those hallmarks; and heaps of unintentional laughs.

And I have to agree with jb784: it melted my mind too!


Whole lot of WTF

What i liked: Very committed performance form the lead, I enjoyed watching him as he took us through the weirdness. when the shot zoomed out of the tower i laughed and all hope was lost for this as any kind of serious film

What didn't work for me: If there was a story it was lost on me, it does feel like you where trying to be weird and crazy for the sake of it. others have said this might win incredibly strange best bad film but I don't think a film that is trying to be weird/bad should ever win.

You made me laugh and this film was a nice change of pace in heat 8. It would of been the weirdest/funniest film of the night but the film that closed out the heat stole that title from you.


Wow. Such and amazing collection of WTF moments. I checked out of trying to understand any possible storyline once the the large animated cartoon character Pac Man thing started floating across the screen and attacking the stock still photo of a magical floating castle. But so many laughs. Clearly this looked like you guys were going for weird and weird is what you achieved. It seemed aswel that it was possibly made by 3 people filming themselves in 3 different locations and sending each other the footage? Having one character apparently talking to another character who had filmed himself in a different location and with a vertical phone camera was amazing to watch and try and believe. I would say it would have a shot at incredicbly Strange film award if it wasn't DQed.