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The title is "Altercation" which isn't showing up because we didn't get to hand in the online wrap-up form. Also here it is to watch! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCYcFeDsIPo

Pretty good teen-angst movie, with a terrific car chase.


A couple of teen lads attend a party which becomes problematic when a drunken confession is made.

This opens nicely with a couple of stunning sunrise shots as our lead wakes from his sleep in the back of a yellow mini. We then flashback to the events of the day before and this is where a few issues start. While the shots are crisp and clean the acting and dialogue are terrible - very unnatural sounding! After arriving at the party in broad daylight suddenly it is late night with no evidence of time having passed. Direction is clearly heard at the pool table scene and we lurch drunkenly along waiting for the altercation to happen. It's all pretty low key but leads into a car chase (although I thought the driver couldn't drive?) which starts off pretty well but then becomes the slowest car chase ever! This short could have done with a tighter edit and more should have been made about the relationship between the two buddies. You should have stayed at the party and really ramped up the tension there. As an aside, you used the same music as my team during your party scene which I found interesting!

Nice looking, just let down by a weak story. See you next year.


This was a nice slice of life style film. It wasn't what I was expecting when I heard it was a 'buddy movie' but it was a nice look at friendship.


What I liked: Great opening/closing shots, friendship storyline was nice, nice set up and pay off with the hook up. (although more should have been made of this when this when it happened)

For next year: Spend a little more time working out the story, the car chase and drinking sequences added nothing to the film other than distract from what was working, (the relationship between the two main characters)


When I saw from the intro that this was a bunch of young guys making a film in this kind of genre, my expectation was that this would be a broad comedy with wisecracking humour and maybe a few guns. And while there's not necessarily anything wrong with that, what we got was much more interesting, and arguably a braver choice to play the Buddy angle earnestly.

I liked the use of the morning after by the park as a framing device. Great choice of location for that too, with that early morning fog, it really brought back memories of the end of all-nighters, freezing your arse off in the cold, slightly damp air. In the main story, the dialogue was often a bit clunky, although I pretty much always knew what was going on. The acting worked much better when the performers didn't have to say any lines, and were instead just doing slice-of-life stuff like hanging out, partying, drinking. The moment where the drunk guy lets slip that he's slept with the other guy's girlfriend was a bit too throwaway, and easily missed, which is a shame since it is obviously the major dramatic catalyst of the story. I would have preferred to see this get telegraphed earlier on, or perhaps just have him talk about the girl for longer without naming any names, so that the switch when the name is spoken hits harder.

A car chase is pretty hard to do anyway, and doing it at night makes things even harder, but it mostly read pretty well from a visual and editing point of view. I didn't exactly get what happened at the end though - did they just lose him? But even without a clear explanation, that brief shot of the pursuer guy sitting his car pretty much did the trick, with his expression basically seeming to say "ahhhh fuck it".

So yeah, despite some strange storytelling beats and some technical issues, I loved the quiet, contemplative beat that this film ended on. There was a straightforward sincerity to this buddy relationship, just two friends who look out for each other.