'Aquaman' by Love Swamp

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Aquaman plays out as a mockumentary (the third one of the heat!) following the lead character and his strange condition: sleep bathing.

Aquaman is one of those WTF films that you feel a bit strange reviewing, and it's definitely of a personal opinion kind of thing. I think the use of the mockumentary style to uncover the medical mystery was used effectively. Acting was pretty solid, with Dr. Schwamp being a stand-out in particular. Only thing that held back some other performances were age, as I really couldn't buy into the actress being the lead's mother. It did work on a humorous level though! Some really nice visual gags with the lead waking up in various locations due to his condition, and a lot of legitimate laughs throughout. Also liked the use of 3D titles to introduce each character. I feel like the film ran a little long though, and that it could've done with some pacing in both the scripting and editing processes.

Overall it really wasn't my thing but I'll always applaud a team for committing 100% to an idea, especially with that ending. Glad that you committed to it and played it straight! Will also give you my unofficial "Best Use of Line" for the heat, delivered perfectly by the lead.


Harper is the subject of a mockumentary about his bizarre sleep-bathing condition.

The documentary structure was followed nicely in this and there were some clever touches of humour. I too struggled with the age-appropriateness of the casting and was the lead really only 17? Maybe! Some of the shot selection could have been more interesting and the voice-over boomed a bit loud - perhaps too much bass. Great use of the line and the reveal at the end was well-worked.

As an aside, your team name forced me to watch TGA's "The Wham! Initiative" from 2012, in particular their song "Love Swamp".


What I liked. Cool concept that this team explored very nicely. Epic titles/character names. (How come we saw each one twice though?). A very committed actor.

I was left wondering why this film was cropped to 2.35:1 when the style was documentary. (A Somewhat unusual combination that I don't think added to the film)