'The Adventrues of Goth Detective and Gender Confused Boy' by Jesus is coming, get him a rag

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The Adventrues of Goth Detective and Gender Confused Boy
Buddy Movie
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A well-deserved 1 here - my vote for the Best-Worst Film. Utterly bizarre, resoundingly funny, had me nearly pissing myself at times. I wish I could give you more stars, but that would be counter-intuitive, wouldn't it?!


Never has a one been more deserved. So entertaining. I was almost in tears during the training montage. So bad its good, great even. My pick for best bad film. Well done.


I can only assume this team was going for incredibably strange/best bad film award.

It certainaly felt like it

I didn't find anything to enjoy. Sorry to say.

By all means make a weird film. But at least tell us a story at the same time.


Best goddamn wacky ride of a movie I have ever seen. Seriously, if you don't like this movie then you are a pretentious hipster.