'The Stamp' by Hummingbird

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The Stamp
Other Dimension Movie
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Good take on Other Dimension, beautiful cinematography and wonderful acting. Possibly more time should have been spent on the story line, I finished this movie feeling a little lost. Was she in her own mind? Was she in heaven? How did her boss 'cross over' into the other dimension.

Wonderful score too - some really awesome talent in Hummingbird!

Our Producer (Erin) loved the "Tearable Pun" poster.


What I liked. Great visuals. Cool premise. Nice pacing for a 48hours film. I liked that they took the match cut and made it a key reoccurring element.

Ending didn't quite work for me.


An office stamp repeatedly sends a woman into an alternate dimension where she is met by a collection of friendly characters.

This looked nice, had good sound, was well acted and it was tied together with a feel good soundtrack. The match cut was also well used and great to see your variety of locations. For me, it did all get a bit repetitive though with the same shot used over and over prior to the dimension shift. The ending was left ambiguous, which I don't mind, but it doesn't always sit well with audiences.

Nice job!