'Harper and Seb's Specialty Breads' by the flea market

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Harper and Seb's Specialty Breads
Shock Ending
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Okay you got me with the shock ending. I didn't expect things to get that grim that quickly.


Potential was shown in this film.
Match cut was my favourite of the heat, and it was clear that the lead male was comfortable in his character which made the relationship believable and carried the film.
As one of the poor souls who received this genre last (worst genre two years in a row in my opinion), you were obviously at odds with trying to beat our expectations of what the shock ending is.
Upon reflection, the ending somewhat contextualises what was going on and I commend you for that.
Looking forward to a strong future from this team.


Haper (sorry, Harper) and Seb set up a bread stall outside their home, selling their delicious home-made breads to anyone who passes by!

Shock ending is a tough genre, and I don't envy anyone who gets it! The acting was solid form both actors, with the male lead in particular really committing to his role. Competently shot, with great use of long wide shots mixed with interesting angles. Audio was a problem, especially in the wider shots, with the dialogue being so quiet at times I couldn't make out what was being said. I felt like the story was nice and intriguing, as you could tell that something was amiss as the film played out. I do feel like the film it dragged a bit though, and it would've benefitted from a bit more editing down.

Good effort guys, you did get me with the shock ending!


Nice simple story. Good camera shots while baking the bread. Thought the outside stuff dragged a little. Awesome match cut and the lead male is very charismatic. Didn't see the ending. Nice.


This film owns the shock ending well. The key to having a good shock ending is to have the shock teased throughout. The film plays on the audiences assumptions about teenage characters. Throughout the film the characters comment on the physical appearances of passers-by, which the audience assumes is just teenagers judging people based on physical attraction. When the Sweeney Todd influenced shock is dropped these comments on passers-by suddenly has a new meaning. I look forward to seeing this film a second time and trying to find the clues of the twist. I really appreciate flea market's understanding of the shock ending conventions and the way they use their teenage cast to their advantage.

The acting in this film was great, I couldn't tell if the dialogue was largely improvised or just written very naturally and the chemistry between the two main actors translated well on screen. In terms of technical details; the cinematography and editing was not particularly interesting but certainly didn't take away from the charisma from the actors.

Overall a really great effort. In terms of advice for the future, I would recommend investing in some better equipment (particularly a new microphone) especially if you want the snappy dialogue to not be undercut by white noise and wind, etc. Great job flea market. I loved the film, keep up the good work.


The match cut: wow. Definitely the best of the night. The lead characters were believable and lovable, and you really owned the genre with the ending, and shock ending definitely isn't the best genre in the comp. Great film, but maybe invest in a good microphone so the film can sound as good as it looked.


Awesome Film. Loved The Match Cut. Sound Quality Wasn't Too Great, But Loved The Shock Ending, As It Is Quite A Difficult Genre That You Pulled Off Well. Great Actors, Awesome Shots, Overall A Pretty Great Film.


Fantastic film, but I'm uncertain how well it would hold up to watching it a second or third time - once you know the ending, that's it.


Was good enough without the ending, made even better by the final minute!


What I liked: Good Performances, competent visuals, and a interesting enough story to keep things moving along. nice use of the genre too (although how does that work?)

What to work on, a tighter edit would have improved the pace of the film and while it was competently pulled of the story felt a little to simple. still a good effort in 48hours, suffers from playing in such a strong heat


A young couple (brother & sis?) sell bread outside their house and keep an interested eye on those who walk by.

This was well acted, delivered some thoughtful camerawork and an excellent match-cut that worked perfectly! There was some bad attempt at ADR and a lot of wind noise making some dialogue hard to hear. Some of the dialogue heavy scenes become a little tedious too and overall I felt there was a lack of atmosphere. The shock ending worked well though which was well-received by the audience. Lots of potential on display with this team. Well done!


Interesting concept (even if its kind of borrowed from Sweeney Todd), but the audio was very poor.. I couldn't hear the actors very well at all.
The twist was good but ultimately didn't make a lot of logical sense
Potential is there in the future, but this one was hard to sit through.