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Second Best
Cat and Mouse
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This film overall fell flat for me, had a nice few laughs here and there but overall didn't carry itself. Reminded me a lot of a 48HOUR entry of ours a few years ago actually.


A classic bumbling protagonist trope.
Needed some work on the audio again, a couple of the shots had way too much background noise (ie the scene where like 3 cars go past). This is surprising given you have a boom, might be worth testing to see at what range the audio is best, as it appears not to be optimised here.
Other than that, a nice storyline, but with a better execution I would be rating this higher.


No.2 is a secret agent, out to track down his nemesis who keeps evading him at every turn. This time he isn't going to get away, and the documentary film crew following No.2 is going to capture it all.

I thought the documentary-style that this film was shot in was a different way to shoot the very well-trodden Spy vs. Villain story. The lead actor was good in the bumbling roll he played, and he worked the character to the fullest extent he could. I also liked the character of the villain, I thought it was quite funny how he clearly didn't care at all about No.2 in the slightest, making it a very one-sided rivalry.

Technically, the sound was a bit quiet/drowned out at times and the camera work was a bit too rough, even for a documentary crew. This film would've benefitted from a bit more work in the scripting process to get a bit more clarity in the story, and the film could've been edited significantly as the story dragged a lot in the middle.

Altogether, this film was a nice take on the vague "Cat and Mouse" genre with some creative elements, and I look forward to what your team puts together next year.


Very fun to watch but could have been done much much stronger.


What I liked: Made me laugh a few times, the set up and call back to the spy pen gadget was amazing.

What to work on: this film suffered from bad audio making it a little harder to enjoy, personal I'm also not a fan of the documentary style. The story felt a bit random and unfocused.


A mockumentary about a pair of competing secret agent/assassin types.

Technically one of the weaker films in the heat with quite a few out of focus shots. Some good acting though and a clever way to handle the Cat and Mouse genre without simply doing a chase film. To be honest the film is a bit of a blur so I look foward to seeing it in the screening room and updating this review.