'Stretching The Truth' by The Dark Circle

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Stretching The Truth
Mistaken Identity
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Some nice camera work at the start, supported by some good sound. The start was perhaps a little drawn out before anything happened. The scene in the park with the yoga drew a few chuckles and this is where the short started to come alive. There was a good tracking shot in the hostage room scene, which I really liked. This short had a story which you could easily follow which was good. Nice little twist at the end, that perhaps could have been built up to a little stronger.


I struggled to follow this film. The build up to the mistaken identity was too long and, after some yoga fun, I didn't quite follow the brother in law character. (And what was that accent of the husband?!)
Some nice cinematography though, and perhaps starting the film at the park could have brought in more of the good interior scenes later.




What I liked: when they got to the mistaken identity part of the short I really found this one to be quite funny. the way the story progressed beyond the half way mark was very amusing, nicely shot and acted too

What to work on for next year: the start of the film felt very directionless and could easily have been cut way down. I can see what was being set up here but it really detracted to the overall pace and quality of the film. Personally I didn't think the additional twist at the end felt earned but it was a funny moment.


A guy goes about his day(s). Eventually he is mistaken for a yoga instructor which later has further consequences when he is kidnapped by an angry husband.

As others have said this really didn't get started until the kidnapping which was well handled. The establishing shot just after that was awesome! So the whole film could have been why shorter and with more of the aussie husband and wife this would have had either serious comedic effect or gone really dark if you'd chosen that path. Opportunity lost! A bug-ear of mine is wind noise on the microphone in scenes where their is no dialogue and the audio track could have been removed and replaced with an ambient track. Do this! One question I had was who has an office door plague that is white A4 paper with ariel font. Funny!

See you next year!