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What I liked: solid performances by the two leads, interesting story that was complemented well by the music and audio cues, The joke moment where the husband went up the stairs only to call out all clear was brilliant

What to work on next year: The visuals really let this film down, while I can tell that those behind the camera had good intentions the final product didn't live up to what they where aiming to achieve


I liked the look of this at the beginning - good shadows and reflections - and I think you could have moved the mood of the story by changing that look during the film (easy to say in the calm of post-48 hours, I know!)
Good performances from the actors, the pace was a bit up and down but there was a good element of 'is she the killer?' or 'is she just framing him?' so it kept my attention throughout.


A verbally abusive police detective comes home to his adoring and hopeful wife. It's their anniversary and she begs him not to return to work. A noise upstairs serves to delay his departure.

Cat House FIlms love their two character and dialogue heavy shorts that play to their greatest strength - their actors. Their 2015 effort is a noir inspired story with great costuming and use of make-up. In an effort to get the time period accurate it seemed like you removed everything from your dining room set leaving a very sparse looking room which I found distracting! The colour grade was a bit sickly - I think this film would have been awesome in black and white or tweaking the contrast up Wes Anderson or Jamie Travis style. I loved the initial shot up the stairs and thought we were really going places but it all fell a bit flat. Amusing moment was the locked door that opens as your lead was banging on it!

See you next year!