'Ear Play' by Cahoots

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Ear Play
Mistaken Identity
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This was a short unusual film. The lighting not great and could have benefited from some additional lighting in the interior shots. The start was quite drawn out. Some of the edits were a bit choppy and the short suffered from wind noise at one point. There were however some really amusing moments with a couple of WTF moments, especially the brushing of the teeth soundtrack and car scene! Was it going for Best bad film? Some funny laugh out loud moments.


Apologies, i just didn't get this at all and am therefore finding it difficult to post further comments. Sorry.


I feel like this team ran out of time to make a film so just kinda... came up with... this


So, a man gets ready for his day...really slowly...quite OCD about brushing his death. Parallel stories running? Me, confused.

Like others I'll need to see this again (or read a team comment) to really know what was going on i nthe story. On the tech side there were some weird jump cuts, a lot of brushing teeth over black screens and wind noise over scenes that had no dialogue and therefore could have had the audio track taken out and replaced by music.



I wasn't really sure what this film was about or were it was heading in the first half. It was a bit all over the place.
I would be interested to hear from the team if this was on purpose or if there was some meltdown in the process that ended up with this result.

Unfortunately I was wanting to laugh, but the awkwardness of the film didn't help.


If I recall correctly, the team intro here had this booming Voiceover O' Doom. It was great. Anyway, on to the film: a man makes several attempts at waking up in the morning, not helped by jump cuts bouncing him back into bed all the time. Eventually he gets up, and brushes his teeth. Then he makes his way to the fish and chip shop, accompanied by brushing teeth sound effects and more jump cuts... then inside the fish and chip shop, unseen, he, er, poooooossibly exchanges some dialogue with people inside in the form of some bizarre subtitles, he comes out, the film ends and I write WHAT JUST HAPPENED in big capital letters in my notes.

Was this art? Maybe it was art and I was too dumb to get it. Is the title significant? Why the teeth brushing? So many questions. I was certainly intrigued during the running time as to where this was going. Perhaps one day, I may find out.