'Timelines' by Refined Sugar

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Cat and Mouse
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Another pretty looking movie. It's a pity it was disqualified. The shots were gorgeous and the editing was beautiful. But I feel as though the story kind of droned on. It started to stop making sense. The storyline was all blurry. The ending was funny, but a little unnecessary. I feel like you should have ended it sooner. But it was extremely pretty looking. Well done on that.


Well where to start. It was a pretty film that was shot well, the narrative matched the genre, editing was clean. It started to lag on but my main problem was after watching your film last year I realised that it was the same film you did last year so a lack a creativity. This team cant keep making the same film every year.


The second half of this film was so confusing. They were on a beach and then suddenly there was another chase. It felt messy and rushed. I loved the brother's character and the bread party at the end. I could tell this team were film lovers with their artistic shots and stellar camera work. Loved the first half.


I'm really gutted for this team because so much went wrong for them. Last year Refined Sugar was nominated for the Rising Talent award amd made a great film. This year we saw the same of this team's distinctive visual style which I love. Having said this I feel as though this film didn't have a clear identity. On one hand it tried to be quirky and comedic, on the other hand it tried to be action based and had a really technical storyline. I think the biggest issue was probably that the story was too complex. I think you tried to do almost another dimension movie and it was a little confusing and not really clear what you were trying to do. Don't get me wrong I love watching this team's films but I think in an attempt to up the anti from last year you fell a bit flat. Next year go back to basics and you'll be back to the level you were at last year.


Things I liked: Well shot, and some stylish editing. (the food being eaten was very cool) the ending did a good job of partly explaining what was going on (and I found the bread party very funny)

Things to work on: the story was far too complex for me, I was lost very early on. Next year just keep it simple!


Absolutely hilarious. Such a shame this was disqualified as well...


I disagree that it was the same film as last year but agree that the plotline was too complicated. Simple is best for 48 Hours. However it was technically very strong and there were some very funny scenes and good acting - even though I didn't fully understand what was going on I enjoyed this film a lot


A teen girl gets a letter from her penpal - it's very, very, very long. We cut to the beach suddenly. The girl's book gets stolen and she gives chase. Audience gets lost. There's a bread party to wrap things up for some reason.

This looked pretty good in parts - nice boot shot, beach shot at the end but these did little to save the film. Unfortunately you decided to use the same music in your intro in your actual film & as this music played a lot it really began to grate. Likewise, your intro featured your obvious love of stop-motion. Then you started your film with stop-motion but for what purpose? It did nothing for your story-telling; narrative or visual. The audio was poor in places, the dialogue tedious and there was clearly direction heard in a couple of parts. While highly amusing for the audience, this is unforgivable!

You set the bar high for yourself in 2014 so better luck next year.