'Wholemeal Robbery' by Mr Charles Productions

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Wholemeal Robbery
Mistaken Identity
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Too much. Just, too much. It droned on for too long. The idea was funny- somewhat cliché- but funny. The shots were just too long. Mystery films never have long shots. They have extreme close ups and quick jump shots and everything is constantly moving. This film always just..................Boring


I am so sad this film was disqualified. I really enjoyed the sense of humour and style. While I felt the end dragged on a bit, on my first watch of this film I found myself laughing a lot out loud. Leaving the event this is one that really stuck in my mind, where as others I had to be prompted to remember. I hope to see this team again.


There was some quite funny dialogue with Harper in the drawing scene. Once again like a lot of the heat try and avoid using the school as a location. It distracts from the film and is unoriginal. The sound for the most part was good. The real star of the film was Harper who had some good lines and presence. The scenes were too long and dragged. Once again there is some good potential there.


i loved this. The ending was a bit weak but it was funny and the actors were extremely talented and looked great on film. I hope this team enters again next year. Filming was great. Lots of laugh out loud moments.


Things I liked: this team had a great take on their genre, and several very funny moments, (the detectives brainstorm board was great) the dynamic between the two detectives was a joy to watch. Funny ending too!

Things to work on for next year: This film would have been greatly improved with a higher edit. The pace of the whole film was slow and could have moved faster without sacrificing the solid story


Toooo much, too long and didn't stick to genre at all.


Got very slow as the film progressed.


Easily the best film of this heat, such a shame it was disqualified.


A teen girl has her sandwich stolen so she goes to get help from a couple of bumbling amateur detectives.

Really, this was a ridiculous situation to base a story on but their were some funny moments - the idiotic detectives and the artist impression in particular. The chemistry between the two detectives was well-played and I felt the girl's frustration with them! A lot of the dialogue did get rather tedious as did some of the long, long takes which didn't achieve their purpose in visual story-telling.

See you next year!