'TIME'S UP' by Crutch Cam

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It was a little cliché. You could hardly hear what the dude was saying. I think you may have tried too hard, and it didn't work. The storyline was somewhat there, though, and it could have been good if you had more time.


Although the film itself was a little messy, I loved the acting in this. The characters were likeable and believable. I think it just lacked a better exposition of the plot line. It's a tricky genre so I can really appreciate what I saw here and really like the way the characters interacted. The male lead was interesting to watch and I definitely wanted to know more about him. I think if this was executed with a clearer story line it would've been easier to watch.


These guys had a hard genre to nail and it did show a little. I really liked the make up in the film and the girl’s eyes were a great effect. There were some big sound issues at times and a lot of the dialogue was missed. The location got very boring quickly apart from one scene where it look bunker like, this looked good. I have a bit of a gripe about students playing adult roles, as it just doesn’t come off well. I felt the scenes dragged a bit too long. The music was too much the same and very repetitive. The team does have potential though as there were some good ideas.


Tough genre, but man I loved this one. Probably my favourite of the night. You could see how much effort and thought went into it and it just lost out a bit on the execution. I really hope this team enters again. I would love to see what they come up with when they have a more traditional genre.


Things I liked: The use of the mirror was great, the production design of the entire film was superb.

Things to work on: I was lost very early on with the story, this might be down to the sound quality making it very hard to follow the dialogue. from what I could pick up of the story though it seemed you where going in some very interesting directions perhaps work on making sure even the slower members of the audience (perhaps me) can follow along


It was a very cliché. You couldn't hear what the guy was saying. It seems like you tried too way hard, and it just didn't work. The story wasn't there, though, next time don't make it feel so rushed.


This film reminds me a lot of the first time my team ever did 48 Hours. Really ambitious, hard to hear dialogue, and teens in adult roles. The difference between us is that this team got a genre that is impossible to write a simple story to. I suspect that next year this team will achieve great things if they can avoid the above mistakes.


everything about this bored me to sleep, the sound levels were all over the place and the camera was amateurish.


A teen gets questioned by a detective about some stolen goods. She's sassy and not going to get pinned down. Just so happens that she can travel through different dimensions, however, as is revealed, she does't have the control over this as she may think.

Quite an ambitious story-line that you had to really concentrate on. The acting was good and I liked your casual use of the prop. Age-appropriate casting is so important in order to give your film credibility - your detective was too young. If you don't have access to adults the neither don't write them or think of creative ways to solve that issue. So much you can do! The audio levels were variable and the music became rather tedious as it went on & on. Get better at your dialogue heavy scenes as a your character eye-lines didn't match - gets really distracting for the audience. Make-up was great!

See you next year!