'Sophie' by Brewed Art Films

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Some nice graphics at the start of the film. The short would have benefited from some improved camera work and sound. Better lighting would also have improved the interior shots. The horror hallway was great with some nice editing and effects. I really liked the music box music and it added to the creepiness feel of the short. Good acting by lead girl. The use of music built suspense well. One of the best films in the heat, it got my vote.


This was such a good film but the ending was really lacking. The editing, camera work and acting was all very strong up until the last moment. It stuck nicely to horror movie tropes and had a likeable lead character but I definitely found myself wanting a stronger ending


I REALLY LOVED THIS FILM UNTIL THE ENDING. It was so frustrating to see something end with such an anti-climax. It nearly had my 3-point vote but then it just lost me. Such a shame!


Things I liked: Well shot, Really great editing and effects (the match cut was a real highlight), all round these guys really got their genre right! I was also properly scared by several moments in the film

Things to work on: The characters felt a little under written and secondary to the story, but over all I look forward to seeing more entries from this team.


A alright attempt at a horror with a great scare scene but even a horror needs a story.


An enjoyable film, with an incredibly predictable and cliched ending.


This was a really great film. The way you managed to build the atmosphere of the film was outstanding andbthere were definitely some scary moments. Occaisionally you would build up a lot of tension and nothing would happen but horrors are really hard to perfect like that. I was a little bit dissapointed by the ending but again I will acknowledge that these kinds of films are really hard to write. You didn't really explain why this demon thing was lurking in the background either. So while you did a great job on the technical aspects, next year work on your story a bit more.


A trio of flatmates settle in for a DVD evening of scary movies. While watching the film "Sophie" shit gets real.

This was also one of the more impressive and polished efforts in this school heat. There were some impressive scenes - the hallway, jump cut sequence in particular. The acting was good and Sophie was suitably spooky in her delivery. I'm so happy that you used your teen cast to tell the story and didn't try to do anything with adult roles. The audio was a let of a let down with a lot of hiss - get a decent mic! Your ending was a little odd too, not sure why she was at the window?

Make sure you enter again next year!