' Why me?' by B - Flix productions

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Why me?
Black Comedy
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This would have been SO FUNNY if you had a BETTER CAMERA! Also, the toilet thing was a little confusing. You should have just stuck with this woman who was extremely paranoid about ebola. You could have made that work.


A bit confusing but lots of moments made me laugh out loud. A bit hard to watch at some times with the camera work but otherwise a fun film.


Nice bit of comedy with the funny undies man, it drew a few giggles in the audience. I feel the film would have benefitted from a better location, rather than school. You have the whole weekend to go and film somewhere else. Funny transportation scenes with the dude on the loo, this was well edited. Good on you for writing your own song. The story could have been stronger. This had some potential and could be a school team to watch in the future, if they are still at school next year.


Very funny! Didn't get the toilet bit but the rest made me laugh. Better quality would've sealed the deal for me.


I barely understood this film if I'm honest. There is no doubt there were some funny moments and the film definitely started off well but from there it went a bit downhill. The toilet gag didn't fit and I didn't understand how it was relevant to the story. I suspect that some of your technology wasn't very good which explains some of the difficulties with audio and camera. All in all I think there was some potential here. The concept fit the genre and like I said, initially there were some laughs. For next year try and be really clear about your story to make sure your audience can follow.


I really didn't get this one at all.


What I Liked: The Ebola paranoia was funny and a good way to get into the black comedy genre, also a nice silhouette shot against the sunset :)

What to work on for next year: I hate to say it but I outside of the first few minutes I was completely lost, while i think there was some good comedy inside this film i had no idea what was going on so the jokes where lost on me. A simpler story for next year might help focus the talents of the team.


An Ebola outbreak, carried though wheat & grains, makes people crazy. Oh, there's also a teleporting toilet.

The music was good, the sound OK and there was a cool but overly long opening shot. Really, there wasn't much story here at all and in the future you need to look at your casting. Kids reading the prime-time news? Why?!? If you can't get adult actors then problem-solve a solution that doesn't affect the credibility of your short. My highlight? The mother looked like Josh Thomson from thedownlowconcept! Awesome!