'Rise And Fall Of Angel' by A-flick films

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Rise And Fall Of Angel
Last Person on Earth
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I LOVED THIS FILM. The storyline was good, it ended at the right place, there was nothing unnecessary or excessive. This was the only school film that stuck in my mind at the end of the night. Someone has got to get you guys a better camera, so it can look pretty too.


For me this was one of the most disappointing films of the first 3 heats. It was boring,predictable,terrible acting and technically terrible. Try not to break the camera line after every shot and focus on the basics and ACTULY USE THE TRAIT! A lot to work on if you plan on doing the comp again next year but there is potential in this team.


Nice costumes at the start with the two girls. I also enjoyed the cool bit of editing with two girls repeating back and forth. The background sound was distracting from the story. I also felt I got a bit lost in the story and didn’t follow what was happening at times. Nice use of blood effects in the end scenes.


I really loved the acting in this film! It was funny and had nice moments in it. I especially liked the actress who played 'Angel'. The opening was a bit weak and it would be nice to see some better camera work, but the rest was incredibly enjoyable. I also loved the after credits scene with the book. It was a funny way to show the team didn't take themselves too seriously.


Not the worst I've seen but needed a lot more in the way of story telling. Got a bit boring in the middle. Acting was okay.


Things I liked: Great work from the cast, the acting was good, the story fresh and original and a clever way to include more than one character in your genre. The best thing about this film was a good set up and pay off at the end with the bread. Another thing I quite liked (although I'm going to include it below also) was the opening credits, these were nicely edited and quite enjoyable

Things to work on for next year: Do you really need opening credits on a short film? watch out for that camera shadow too ;) focus on the essential story points I got a bit lost in the middle of the film,


Absolutely the worst film of this heat. There was no progression for any of the characters, the genre was portrayed awfully and cliches abound.


An old folk law is recited causing a few evil characters to stalk the land, and one girl in particular.

This had some good humour and effective POV shots. The story, however, was all over the place, the audio variable and wind noise diminished the quality of the dialogue. While your opening credit sequence was effective, I'm not convinced though that in a film of this length you actually need such a lengthy title sequence. you really need to get the story moving.