'Pithos' by Hybrid Motion Pictures

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When two warf security guards discover a mysterious trunk while on their rounds, they grow increasingly obsessed with trying to get it open. Once they discover the ancient artifact locked within the trunk, all hell breaks loose between them and their coworkers.

I think I can speak for anyone in this heat. When you see Hybrid Motion Pictures in the same line up as you, you get a little nervous waiting to see how much better they are than you (once again).

This time I'm not quite sure they hit it out of the park, I'm not saying that they made a terrible film, it's just not one of their best (according to me).

The ditzy chick was hilarious, the blonde girl grounded the film and the two male leads were both entertaining and funny. The production value, certainly the cinematography seemed worse than previous entries by Hybrid, the image seemed crushed and at times out of focus. The sad thing is that I think this team is better than this, personally I was looking forward to their film and was a little let down.