'The Fun Guy' by Grrr Arrrrg

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The Fun Guy
Last Person on Earth
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We would like to assure our audience the at no time during the making of this film any mind altering substances were consumed by any member of the team. Lol.

Some good make up in this movie, and the main character did a great job!!


The visual effects were good and creepy, but were let down when not all of them were creepy. With a little bit of an edit they would have been more effective.


Good job. I can appreciate your having to block a few of your outdoor scenes to accommodate your genre. Would have been hard in the "burbs" for sure. Looks like there was alot of effort for your effects and set dressing. Loved the creepy people in the field effect and the cob webs on the actors at the dinner table. Your main character did a great job of interacting with his surroundings. Good transitions from surreal to real for your character. Well done.